Terms and conditions of the ALUTREND line warranty welded gates with standard painting process
The coating applied on the significant surfaces must not have any incisions that strip the metal.

When the facing surfaces are examined under an oblique angle of about 60 °, from a distance of 3
approximately meters, no excessive roughness, bubbles, inclusions, craters, bulges, opaque spots should be visible,
scratches, or other possible defects. The coating will be of a uniform color and brightness with good power
covering, the visual examination will be on site: - outside the surface must be observed at least 5 meters - inside
from a distance of at least 3 meters.
-the. "Warranty Period" will indicate a period of 10 years from the date of delivery to the customer of the products

-2. In the case of a valid claim, the sole obligation of the manufacturer will be to provide for the repair
of defective material and to pay the labor costs reasonably necessary, without prejudice
however that the manufacturer will not be responsible:
I) for repair costs when these are lower for each individual claim to € = 500.00;
II) for other claims arising from both contractual liability and non-contractual liability (also
due to
negligence), or for any liability or other damage, loss and expense, including loss of profits, income,
contracts, business, production or goodwill, or for any action proposed by third parties in
customer comparison;

II) if any of the circumstances indicated in the following clause 3 occurs.

-3. ................. will not be subject to any liability under this warranty, if you
verify one or more of the following circumstances:
I) if the written communication of the complaint by the customer has not been received by ................. within 30
days from the discovery of what made the customer claim;
II) if there has been damage to the coating system, or a deterioration thereof, resulting from causes
that do not come under the control of ................., which, without any limitation, mechanical failures, fire, malice
third parties, pollution and abnormal atmospheric conditions;
III) if the surfaces have been coated or retouched, ie any surface has been stripped of and
repainted by another paint company.
IV) if the defect is due to prolonged exposure of the anodized or painted surfaces at temperatures
higher than 70 ° C or acids or other dangerous products which are considered or suspected to be harmful to
powder coatings based on polyester;
V) if the defect is due to a continuous exposure of the anodized or painted parts to areas directly
affected by salt water, unless the manufacturer has confirmed in writing before surface treatment
to the customer to guarantee anodizing or painting for that specific place, or in the case of corrosion
filiform type whose cause is due to defective sealing of unprotected parts of the product (ad
example of cutting areas for window frames), with high levels of impurities in the aluminum alloy
used for the production of extruded profiles or non-conforming heat treatments carried out on them

VI) if there is no specific request by the customer for material that may be subject to corrosion
for exposure in particularly aggressive areas (marine, industrial environments, etc).
VII) if the anodized or painted surfaces have not been maintained by the Customer in accordance with the procedures of
cleaning and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer (see annex).
VIII) if the damage or deterioration was caused by any failure or incorrect use
anodized or painted product by the customer and any third party.
IX) if, in the case of transport of the material carried out by the Customer or by a carrier appointed by the Customer,
damage to the material occurs due to defective loading of the material, or damage to material
loaded on vehicles without covering tarpaulin, or for insufficient control, during transport,
of the effectiveness of the material containment belts on the platform of the means of transport.
X) if the damage was caused by an improper storage of the items painted on site for contact
o due to the presence in the environment of aggressive products or agents (moisture, dust, oils, greases, grasp products a
base of lime or cement, etc.).
XI) if the damage was caused by the handling of the material during the assembly phases of its various
constituent elements (for example the various profiles that make up the frame of a window frame), or for
galvanic corrosion (stack effect) due to the use of accessories made from non-standard materials
compatible with light aluminum alloys.

-4. The customer will keep and, in case of complaint, will make available to the builder whoever is nominated by
the latter, the following documentation in order to allow inspection or to copy it:
I) attestations of the cleaning operations of the manufactured article, including details on the types of products used and
on the washing and cleaning procedures carried out by a company with the GRM brand or equivalent;
II) any other data necessary for the chronological reconstruction of the maintenance of the anodised product
or painted. in addition, the customer must allow ................., upon request by the latter, to inspect the
disputed material. Repairs under this warranty can only be performed by .................
or, after consultation with ................., by an "authorized applicator" in writing. HOME
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-5. Any modification to this warranty must be made in writing and must be signed by
representatives of the Customer and of ................. authorized by both.

-6. This guarantee is granted to the Customer exclusively as purchaser of the treatment of
anodizing and / or painting on aluminum and its alloys and can not be transferred in whole or in part. The client
he can not declare or let understand, he can allow his agents, representatives or contractors
declare or imply that this Warranty extends to persons other than the customer himself.